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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 3, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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lost video from his wedding to his first wife. with whom he has an adult daughter. i'm deborah norville. thank you for watching and we will s y y y y y y y y misconduct and perjury accusations, several narcotic officers are expected of signing off on false police reports which contracts video. tonight at 11:00, the city's district attorney respond to the allegations. first kron 4's dan kerman tells us how this investigation could have wide reaching legal implications. >> reporter: this is video showing san francisco narcotic officers approaching people in
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the henry hotel in november. >> police have burst into a home and it appears routinely bursting into homes without warrants and lying to protect the fruits of their misconduct. after obtaining a master key this video shows officers bursting into this apartment without a warrant and without knocking on the door, both of which are required and later they lied about it on a police report, saying they received written consent before entering which did not happen. >> if we can't trust the word of a police officer testifying in a case such as this it calls into question what are they doing out there. >> reporter: in january in the same hotel officers are seen covering up the camera.
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police claim they received permission to enter the home, occupants say they forced their way in. >> these are poor people's homes. just like you have to have a warrant to live in someone's home in pacific heights you have to have a warrant on 6th street. >> reporter: he will review dozens of cases to see if there was police misconduct involved in those as well. he is calling for an investigation. not just by the police and the district attorney but by someone who should be independent. at the san francisco haul of justice, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> the district attorney said he is dropping charges against the suspects in the two drug cases in the video and will review dozens of other cases to determine whether they too might be compromised. kron 4's jonathan bloom spoke with him. >> reporter: in two separate
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press conferences san francisco district attorney and the police chief each gave their remarks on the video. each said he is not ready to draw conclusions just yet. >> police officers need to play by the rules. when we don't, the whole system crumbles. >> reporter: this video alone is not. to decide whether officers broke the rules. >> we are taking this very seersiously, make sure we conduct a independent investigation. >> reporter: he was police chief when the incident happened. >> absolutely no reason why i should recuse myself. >> reporter: he gave his remarks minutes later. >> they deserve an investigation. like anything else, they are innocent till proven guilty. >> reporter: six officers are
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on paid administrative leave. the video stelas different story from their written reports. >> when you read the report and look that video, there are issues that don't match-up. >> reporter: don't just assume that's the officer's hand. >> if it is, we will ask him why he put his hand on the camera. >> it will be a couple of weeks before he is ready to draw any conclusions about the video. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. we will continue to follow this story as the san francisco district attorney and the police investigate. crews are cleaning up a land slide that covered highway 1. mud, dirt and rocks slid down on to both lanes of highway 1. it happened just
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before 7:00 tonight. cantrans crews are cutting trees. they managed to get one lane open. how much more rain is coming our way? >> if we see anything tonight it's be a passing shower here and then and same for tomorrow morning. we have a chance of isolated showers continuing into tomorrow. the later part of the day will dry out. right now radar much different than earlier. spotty showers into santa rosa, and livermore valley. elsewhere fairly calm. all that wet weather is pushed to the east. showers continue through the center valley. snow in the sierra there. looks like we will continue with that unsettled weather into tomorrow. partly cloudy and dry on friday. we bring back the rain by the weekend. heavy rain overnight saturday
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and into sunday. police have a woman in custody in connection with the murder of a store owner. the owner was found dead tuesday at his business. kron 4's reggie k tells us who the suspect is. >> reporter: the jewelry store is closed. you can see the lights are off. this is the front door. this is a picture from his website. he owned the business last december. he was found murdered on tuesday. police arrested a local transient. after investigators found evidence that links her to the crime. edward hawk was also arrested. police say hawk is not facing murder charges. darren says he didn't like it when customers refused to buy
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his jewelry. >> odd, jewelry character. >> reporter: what types of items did he sell? >> kind of a strange collection of hippy kind of art work and high end jewelries. hand made, silver rings, particularly. definitely a lot of people of that transient nature. >> reporter: police aren't saying if the two suspects and the victim knew each other. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. still ahead on kron 4 news at 11:00. how dog owners and professional dog walkers would be effected by a new dog management plan. we show you the ipad 2 along with a rare public siting of silver medal supreme court
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. new rules are on the way which could leash not just dogs but their owners and professional dog walkers. an open house to discuss a dog leash proposal. it would reduce the number of places dogs could walk off leash. the mill valley event to hear what officials and dog owners had to say. >> reporter: dog owners arrived with plenty questions about the plan. the 2400 page proposal was released and would reduce off leash areas in the golden gate national recreation area. officials questioned one-on-one
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at several information tables. giving all a chance to be heard. >> what is our alternative and answer their questions so they are able to give us comments back that will help us. the plan would limit access to 21 different locations. including popular destinations, fort mason the beach. staff explained to owners that restrictionsed with vary park to park. some horizontal bars prohibited logs all together. the national park service set up dozens of posters like these. the areas of blue indicate where dogs would be required to stay on leash in the parks. many of those don't like to see so much blue. >> i feel like what they have decided is really too restrictive. >> if there are restrictions put in place, what will happen
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is the irresponsible people will continue to use the area and those who are responsible will be alienated. and that's going to become a nightmare. >> others supported the restrictions but did not wish to appear on camera. they will hold three more open houses this week and expect several thousand comments. >> this is not the final outcome tonight. we hope their comments will provide that for us. the weather is certainly calming down but we are not ruling out the chance of
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tomorrow. best chance for showers early in the morning. by the latter part of the day things dry out. a bigger storm moving in by this weekend. here is your radar. a different picture than earlier today. continuing to see isolated rain drops. we are starting to dry out for the most part. north bay, left over rain. as we widen it out, you can see the bulk of the weather push to the east. central valley. snow fall in the sierra. temperatures are down into the 50s. 53 san francisco. 56 in mountain view. radar continues to show unsettled weather. tomorrow we are deeing the chance of rain drops around. overnight temperatures drop down into the 40s. but it's overall a mild night. 45 for santa rosa.
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50 san francisco. and south bay upper 40s and low 50s expected overnight. by the afternoon, we will bring the highs into the 60s in the warmer locations. 60 for santa rosa. by friday that is our day for dry weather. partly cloudy conditions but the weekend bring as chance of rain. protesters took over wheeler hall on uc berkeley's campus as part of the national day of action. they have been on campus all day long. hundreds turned out this afternoon. the protest lingers through the evening. they are rallying against budget cuts to education. we have a crew on the way. they are still in the building. we will have an update starting at 4:00 a.m. a big day for apple as two
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of the company's icons took center stage. steve jobs broke his medical leave to show off the new ipad today. he did show off a new version of the tablet. kron 4's gabe slate has all the new details. >> reporter: the ipad 2 is 33% thinner than the existing ipad. >> it is thinner than your iphone 4. >> reporter: and lighter. 1.3 pounds, compared to the old one at 1.5. i have held both, and it definitely feels lighter. >> it is faster. >> reporter: it has a dual processor based on a new a5 chip. it's two times as fast and the graphics are 9 times faster. a rear facic camera and a front
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facing camera. this is great for face time which lets people video chat. there will be a black one and a white one. the crowd laughed about that. >> it comes in two colors. black and white. we will ship white from day one. >> reporter: it will be v a hdmi output to watch videos on your ipad. >> we also have models that work with at&t and verizon. the price is the same as the first version. $500 to $830. >> on march 11 that's a week from this friday. >> reporter: it will be shipping on march 11. that's the first day you can order it. not sure when it will be in
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all right. good evening, everybody. the warriors against a team they should be able to beat. tonight in washington d.c., john wall. stephen curry, 29 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists. williams continues to give the warriors something off the bench. the warriors led by 17. ellis had 21. 106-102. warriors snap a four game
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losing streak. they are off tomorrow, boston on friday. coco crisp arrested while driving while impaired. he was stopped after he failed to stay in one lane. according to a statement from the team, he did arrive in time for today's work outs but did not play in the exhibition game and the a's beat the indians 4- 3. give me the board if you can, please. miller stole three bases and the giants matt cain scratched from work out, had a minor injury. the giants beat the diamond backs and barry zito had a meeting with bruce bochy today after reading the chronicle story which indicated that the team is exasperated with what
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barry zito gave them and that they would not oppose buying out his contract or working on some form of relocation but the buy out, he is owed $60 million. so good luck. the piece in the article said he was not keeping himself in good shape. one year ago gunner sandburg beat in the head, suffering major injuries. if you remember, he was nearly killed. back on the diamond playing, also the company easton bell unveiled a new pitching helmet next monday to help prevent these type of head injuries. good news is, he is back playing playing the game he loves. serena williams could be out for up to a year. she has a blood clot,
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discovered in her lugs and also has a hematoma. she was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism last week. hasn't played an official match since last july when she won wimbledon. he health problems have been hard, scary and disappointing but she hopes to bounce back. tomorrow evening some form of lock without on the players. manny lossson, one of the players of the 49ers announced a free agent tenor. so this is not an easy night to go asleep. my mic fell off. they can be at each other's throats. hang in there. get rest and may god bless both sides. when they miss a game, i will
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